About us


CPTI was established in 2002 and provides professional training and information for our members, which is a self-financing institute. The CPTI was initially formed by a group of professional including registered safety auditors, safety officers, consultants, solicitors and lecturers from various disciplines. We encourage raising the professional standards through continuously training and effective communication with relevant government departments and organizations. We are always looking for talent individuals to join us to provide various training courses to meet the demands by our members.


To assist members to pursue continuing professional development, update their depth and breadth of knowledge and skills in various field of professional so as to fulfill their roles in their industry.

Our Objectives

  • The main objectives of CPTI are as follows:
  • to facilitate contacts of different kinds of professionals
  • to undertake the publication of a newsletter and address list
  • to maintain liaison with relevant government department on matters of mutual interest
  • to distribute updated information for members including but not limit to the implement of ordinances
  • to further such additional activities as the Committee may from time to time determine
  • to provide assistance and guidance to person who pursuits professional as their career.
  • to encourage continue professional development so as to promote the professional, competence and status of the membership to the public, other
    organizations, institutions, associations and government departments.
  • to foster close working relationship with relevant government departments.